Queen Victoria and her escort John Brown

Queen Victoria and her escort John Brown
The Queen visits Puddle on the Marsh

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A mystery in the village of Puddle on the Marsh

Perhaps you met Crazy Alice's little friend, Sally, last weekend. She was only in Puddle on the Marsh for an hour or two. (Crazy Alice is that strange lady that walks around with a silly goose that she claims is a Flamingo. Quite daft she is!)
As I was saying, Crazy Alice was with sweet Little Sally. Her's is a sad story; it is true. Sally has never known her father. She came to Puddle on the Marsh for the Leisure Fair. Sally was in such a jovial mood. She couldn't wait until the Lord Mayor Button declared the Fair officially open. She listened with anticipation as he gave his welcoming speech. Then she heard the words that began to haunt her. The Lord mayor said his name was Button because of his button nose. Why she has a button nose! Could it be possible? Could he indeed be her long lost father? Her mother did live in Puddle on the Marsh at one time.
The poor lass approached Lady button and asked her if it could be so. The Lady did not answer her but glared at the Lord instead.
This really distressed Sally, and she passed on her depression to Taka Gander, Tallulah and Crazy Alice. Now we have not seen any of them in the village for days now. Could something have happened to them?

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  1. OH NO!!! Could the Lord Mayor have an indiscretion in his past?? We will have to get to the bottom of it this weekend... how old is Sally again?