Queen Victoria and her escort John Brown

Queen Victoria and her escort John Brown
The Queen visits Puddle on the Marsh

Monday, August 16, 2010

A loverly weekend at the fair!

Mr Fenley, daughter and new wife
What a grand weekend it was!
The Mayor of Rome proved he was worthy of being knighted by bravely venturing with his dog into the Gypsy Woods ignoring the warning of one of Puddle on the Marsh's fine young lads that dogs seldom come out of the woods. The mayor and his dog returned to the village safely after visiting the gypsies. After his visit some of the villagers went to the woods to see what was cooking at the gypsies campfire. It was a hearty vegetable stew. It was a nice stew but they said it wasn't savory as their mystery meat goulash. Seems their supply of mystery meat has run out.

On Sunday The day began with Lord and Lady Button welcoming the crowd to Puddle on the Marsh. As we crossed the bridge into town there was the tallest man I have ever seen! Then someone told me it was Magic John on stilts. Why he was juggling and skipping. the stilts were so high! I am sure he was taller than any of the buildings in town. Well---almost---well--- He was tall!
Later on we were blessed with an abundance of liquid sunshine. But it did not dampen our celebration a bit. The Queen arrived and paraded through town despite the raindrops. And all the plays went on as scheduled.
Despite the rain Mrs. Fenley marched around town searching for Mr. Fenley. A young visitor told Mrs. Fenley she had spied him with some dance hall girls. Oh she was fit to be tied!
When the rain began to thoroughly wash the village, we moved on over to the tavern, where everyone was of high spirits, thanks partly to that wonderful ale the Lord mayor ordered.
Many of the villagers were standing on the porch when the children began to dance in the rain. the children said they were dancing with the green fairy, but the only adults that have claimed to see the fairy are Oscar Wilde and some who had just a wee bit much ale!
As the day ended we all agreed that even a downpour could not deter the festivities of our little village.
And there is wonderful news. The festival shall continue! The Lord Mayor Button has declared three more weekends of music, dance and entertainment.
Hope you come and join us.
It is just a little village but it is easily found on the Rome New London Road (also called route 46) Rome, New York. You'll see signs for Erie Canal Village. Stop there. That is where you will find Puddle on the Marsh.


  1. Well done! The young lady who reported the misdoings of Mr. Fenley might possibly join us for the rest of the season, I am waiting to hear.

  2. Oh yes what a wonderful weekend it was!! The rain did not deter the festivities and we met some great folks who were brave enough to stick it out. Can't wait for the next three weekends.

  3. I will be there on Sunday all day!!!