Queen Victoria and her escort John Brown

Queen Victoria and her escort John Brown
The Queen visits Puddle on the Marsh

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A beautiful weekened ahead

Oh I can't wait for this weekend! The forecast is for sunny days and our festival continues in Puddle on the Marsh. The past couple of Sundays the weather helped explain the origin of our village's name. But OH! This weekend sunshine will reign. (Do not tell the queen, she believes the word reign should only be used when talking in regards to her.)

You must come visit us. What a grand time we have. The green fairy dances through the village, (unbeknown to most the adults of the village.)

Sherlock Holmes and his handsome mate Dr. Watson are still in the village. Seems he is having quite a difficult time finding a ring or some such thing. (Personally I think he is not quite as witty as he claims to be or he would have found that ring by now!)

And that young lad Oscar Wilde! What a strange one is he! His part as The Mad Hatter in the village's play Alice in Wonderland, is a wonderful example of type-casting, I do say.

Lord and Lady Middleton are still living over the tavern. Therefore, those rabble-rousing Brewer Boys are staying on the tavern porch. And if that is not enough Mrs. Fenley keeps spying Mr. Fenley, her new husband,with the tavern girls. What a racket she makes when she catches up with him. They are enough to make one want to head to the Gypsy Camp for some piece and quiet!

I personally love the gypsy camp, even though I imagine it is quite unsightly for me to go there without a proper escort. I am fascinated by the fortune tellers and the dancing and singing, the incense and mystery of their ways. Not to mention, of course, their strange accents.

I think it is so amazing that her Majesty, Queen Victoria herself is going to visit the village again this weekend! And she has again agreed to have tea with village residents and visitors! This is unheard of! I do believe the company of John Brown agrees kindly with our monarch.

Although the Lord Mayor has again declared a holiday, some villagers rise early and toil before our holiday can begin. The village washerwoman is one of such. By the time the festivities of the day commence, she has washed and hung her days work. Such a peaceful woman she is. She celebrates in her little yard singing and crocheting and greeting all those who pass by.

And speaking of the Lord Mayor Button! Do you remember that little dear Sally? She who asked Lady Button if perhaps Lord Button could be her father! The lady was aghast by such a pretentious child. And since then Sally, Crazy Alice and Tallulah , --oh and Taka Gander have not been seen! Whatever happened to them? Perhaps Mr. Holmes could be called upon to solve the mystery.

Well I do hope you will join us this weekend. I dare say you will be so very pleased you did!

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  1. Fabulous detail! I love it! I can't wait to see what everyone does next!