Queen Victoria and her escort John Brown

Queen Victoria and her escort John Brown
The Queen visits Puddle on the Marsh

Monday, September 6, 2010

Twas a beautiful day! The villagers were all in such good spirit. The Queen paid her last visit of the year but she promised that she indeed would grace us all with her presence in the coming you. She concurred what we all were sure of, that our Puddle on the Marsh was the most delightful Fair she had ever attended. With that Lord Mayor Button declared that we should again have holiday on the occurrence of her next visit. After some pressing royal business, and checking her calendar, the Queen will inform us of  the date for which we shall begin preparing. I am sure lady Button will drive our poor postman quite daft pestering him daily for news from the Queen!
Oh I almost forget to mention Sherlock Holmes found the diamond ring. That infamous Irene Addler had come to town. They had an awful sword fight in the center of town before they strangely both stop and walked arm in arm into the tavern and upstairs to  a room. And no one has seen either of them since! Very peculiar!
Lord and Lady Middlebottom are still living above the tavern,-----I wonder if they have seen Sherlock and that Addler? The Brewer Boys and the Dance Hall girls were dancing and singing to no end until someone told them of a wedding that was to take place on the Bandstand. They all love weddings because of the parties that follow so they quickly ran to be guests. A fine gentleman in strange dress also attended the wedding. When he was asked if  he was family of friend of the bride or groom he replied neither. He had just heard of the fair and came to see it  and stayed for the party! (Cheeky I must say. He must have been from the Americas!)
The Queen and a visiting Princess stayed for the wedding. What a beautiful wedding it was. There almost wasn't one though. The bride took off afoot . Lord Button ran off after her and told her she must go through with it after all her Majesty the Queen was waiting to see the ceremony.
She was a beautiful bride and her groom was stately. The ceremony was the perfect ending for celebration. It will be one we all talk of for years to come.
And now I cannot wait to hear when our next holiday shall be.

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